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My name is Teresa.  I'm the creator, owner, and operator of this website,  WebpreneurMom.com as well as several other websites and blogs.  I've been having fun working at home online since 2002.  WebpreneurMom.com is dedicated to the webpreneur mom life, for those who work hard to not only take care of family but work from home so they can raise their family and help contribute to the family income, or as a main source of income. We hope you enjoy our website.

WebpreneurMom.com is an affiliate, we are an affiliate for some of the best top shops online. We share products and services to help our fellow webpreneurs, entrepreneurs, work at home families and those who are passionate about life, celebrating, and creating good memories with those we care about.

What is an Independent Affiliate?

It means as an Independent Affiliate for some of the best shops on the internet, we share products from our affiliate partners and get paid a small commission (at no cost to you) anytime you make a purchase from that company.  When you order from WebpreneurMom.com, by clicking on our Affiliate links on our website that direct you to our wonderful partners, this will help us with our mission of giving back to others. You will be helping us keep this website going.  So if you have found value in our website or on our social media hangouts we ask you to please consider clicking on any of our featured partners and the links featured on WebpreneurMom.com to do your online shopping securely at home.  No orders are placed on WebpreneurMom.com but on our affiliate partners websites. When you click on our adds, and our referral links, product pictures or banners on WebpreneurMom.com, you are taken securely online to our affiliate partners website to shop or place your orders (at no extra cost to you). 

Its easy, safe and convenient shopping right online, delivered to your door. Your order helps our mission of giving back to those who work at home, wahm's, wahd's, webpreneurs and mompreneurs alike.  Us affiliates get the heads up on specials, deals, and discounts that are only available to us.  We enjoy passing on the savings to our Subscribers. 

We here at WebpreneurMom.com do our best to bring you top quality merchants with the best products and customer service. Each merchant handles their own catalogs, merchandise, order taking, shipping, and customer service. NO purchases are made on WebpreneurMom.com but on our affiliate partners websites.  Although we here at WebpreneurMom.com don't stock the items or handle the orders, your shopping experience and satisfaction are very important to us, so contact us anytime you encounter an issue and we will do our best to help you out.  

WebpreneurMom.com is not responsible for the privacy practices and content of our affiliate partners websites. When going to those websites, they have their own privacy policy and return policies that you should read when you visit their website or if you place an order.  WebpreneurMom.com is committed to protecting your privacy and will never sell your name, address or any other information to anyone. 

If you have any comments or questions regarding our website here at WebpreneurMom.com please contact us to let us know.  Like and follow Webpreneur Mom on our  social media hangouts as well.

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